Top 100 Nutritionist Blogs

Eating right is a major part of our lives. A nutritionally complete balanced diet provides the energy you need each day, keeps your body in much better shape, and can even help to reduce the risks of some diseases. The concern of many studies today is that nutritionally poor diets as well as obesity are a major cause of health problems in our society. More and more people are starting to pay closer attention to nutritional facts and labels on most of the food that we are consuming. The blogs categorized below will help you develop better nutritional habits through diets and recipes that fit you and your lifestyle.

Weight Loss & Fitness

Learn weight loss nutrition tips and healthy ways to stay fit from these blogs.

1. Nutrition Data–Weight Loss Blog A source of inspiration and current news about nutrition and weight loss. Learn how Nutrition Data’s powerful tools can make it easier and more fun to eat healthy. Get helpful tips, support, and insights to safely lose the weight you need and keep it off.

2. Feminine Fit Blog Written by a body sculpting and weight loss specialist teaches women how to decrease their body fat and increase their metabolism. His specialty is solving problems about weight loss and helping women their desired goals.

3. Dietriffic An empowering blog that helps you get a better understanding of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. There information is evidence based which provides readers with reliable advice.

4. Workout BoxDaily fitness and health advice from a professional team of personal trainers and nutrition consultants. Offered are resources on a broad range of topics.

5. Fitness and Nutrition CenterArticles and other information on health and fitness. Subjects include nutrition, strength training, weight management and cardiovascular exercise.

6. Performance Nutrition BlogA compilation from fitness and nutrition experts located in the New England area. They provide unbiased answers to many nutrition and fitness questions posted.

7. Healthy Food Chart for Everyone Learn how to eat more and weight less. There are healthy food tips, and multiple posts regarding weight loss.

8. Body Incredible A selection of useful articles on nutrition. Explanations of your nutritional needs are translated in a practical way aimed at to get you in great shape and improve your body both inside and out.

9. Weight Loss Center Devoted to providing quality facts on the issues of diet, nutrition, exercise and healthy living. Here you will find helpful reviews, tips and much more.

10. Build muscle and lose fat through strength training, nutrition, and attitude. You’ll learn on this site what to eat and how to get stronger using weight lifting & body-weight exercises to get the physique you want.

Organic & Raw Foods Nutrition

Organic and Raw foods contain higher nutritional value than commercially grown foods.These blogs will provide you with details, recipes and information to help you start eating organically.

11. The Green Nutrition Blog Find out about the how eating processed food can affect your health. You will receive a plethora of information on nutrition and eating organically.

12. It’s All About Nutrition Get educated by a registered and licensed dietician with a passion for nutrition and organic food. Posts are filled with organic gardening, healthy cooking and baking, and fitness

13. Raw Food, Right Now! A group of health conscious people helping others go raw since 2006. This site offers motivation and advice to help you easily bring raw foods into your lifestyle in a way that works for you.

14. Organic Food Now. Think Green This blog is all about Organic food and nutrition. Hear world news and stories from the Organic food industry.

15. The Go Diet A new blog growing with tips and tricks for making the switch over to organic foods for both yourself and your family. Eat healthier and get the latest recipes and current events.

16. Organic Food Info Receive health benefits and nutrition on organic foods. There are several informative articles on the chemicals used in conventional food processing.

17. Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen Ani’s the host of the award winning show on YouTube, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen Show. She is also the author of a best-selling book about easy, delectable, raw food recipes.

18. Organic Test Kitchen This blog deals with all things related to organic food and living. They review products and provide recipes while discussing environmental issues and conventional food nutrition.

19. Eat. Drink. Better Incredible recipes, notes about restaurants, and what to watch for when starting a healthy and organic diet.

20. The Hot Potato With a focus on food, nutrition and community, this blog will start you on a nutritious lifestyle with the best organic foods one can possibly eat.

21. Choosing Raw Written by a book editor who currently works as a raw foods and nutritious lifestyle coach. She blogs about her experiences as a raw foodist in New York City.

Blogs Written by Experts

Get professional advice about the nutrition you need from these blogs written by experts with years of experience on the subject.

22. Celebrity Diet Doctor Marc Lawrence is a board certified Physician Nutrition Specialist who specializes in weight loss and anti-aging nutrition. He has based his discussions on the successful habits and behaviors of individuals who have lost over 65 lbs.

23. CalorieLab Blog A blog written by several doctors and nutritionists. They offer the most current health news on weight loss, diet, nutrition, fitness, and food.

24. Nutrition with Amy Amy Boltz, RD is a Registered Dietitian, a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist and a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. She currently runs a wellness and nutrition program at the Rothman Institute.

25. Ryan Zielonka Shares his knowledge of training and nutrition after defeated a life-long struggle with obesity five years ago. He has since spent countless hours researching, analyzing, and applying all he knows to physique and nutrition.

26. Balanced Health and Nutrition Rebecca Scritchfield, RD A place to discuss the latest food, nutrition and exercise information. Learn strategies for maintaining health and to explore political and societal issues that stand in the way of getting the nutrition your body needs.

27. Diana Dyer, MS, RD A multiple-time cancer survivor who focuses on nutrition information for cancer patients. She shares her scope of thoughts about life as a cancer survivor, food and nutrition, recipes, our environment and the need for developing food systems that promote health not disease.

28. Mark’s Daily Apple After Mark Sisson was injured in the Olympic trials; he has been dedicated to investigating new research into health, nutrition and fitness. He believes in a set of simple instructions explaining how to control your genes and get the healthiest, strongest, leanest body possible.

29. Marie Spano, MS, RD, FISSN, CSCS Marie is a nutrition communications expert specializing in sports nutrition. She translates Nutrition and Science into real life explanations we can all understand.

30. The Nutrition Blog by Shereen Jegtvig After seeing how eating healthy unhealthy foods impacted her patients’ well-being every day, this blogger decided to give advice and tips to people with her practice as a nutritionist and as a chiropractic physician for 16 years.

31. Nutrition and healthy eating Brought to you by Jennifer Nelson, M.S., R.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D. They provide a specialty program at the Mayo Clinic’s Food & Nutrition Center, bringing you healthy recipes and meal planning.

32. Dr. Johnny Bowden Jonny Bowden, PhD, C.N.S. is a nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition and health. He is a contributing editor for both Clean Eating magazine and Total Health Magazine.


Following these blogs will help you promote healthy foods and motivate the entire family to work as a team to establish good nutrition at home.

33. Nourishing Thoughts A healthy family nutrition blog with useful information on family and children’s nutrition. Get tips and receive the knowledge to make healthy choices for a lifetime.

34. Kids Nutrition Blog A place for fellow moms to get ideas and tips on making healthy changes for the family without breaking the bank. Share news and advice on the ever changing world of health and nutrition.

35. Nutritional Health News Nutritional and Health News covering children, nutrition, diet. Articles are filled with topics like fats in your food, nutritional facts, dietary supplements, and weight loss.

36. Littlestomaks Written by Mom and Dad PhD engineers. Get the skinny on the science of nutrition and practical information on the internet.

37. Food Politics Receive daily post on current events in food and nutrition politics and policy, mainly those related to agriculture, food, nutrition, and health. The author is a Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University.

38. Free Nutrition Guides and Articles Guides on nutrition, health, and disease prevention through correct nutrition, vitamins and minerals. There are also comments on protein, water, carbohydrates, lipids, malnutrition, and eating disorders.

39. Diet Blog This blog will help you get your family healthy. There is an emphasis on children and the prevention of obesity in today’s society.

40. Baby Nutrition Care Read these essential nutrition tips for pregnant women, babies and toddlers. The goal is to help pregnant women get a better comprehension of the importance of nutrition for them and their children.

41. Kelly the Kitchen Kop Kelly will help you find the best deals on the best foods for you and your family, and as well as teach you what to watch for on ingredient labels. Learn about healthier options and find out what to look for on ingredient labels and how to save time in the kitchen.

Nutritious Lifestyles

These blogs features an array of health topics, nutrition for the mind and body, and help for maintaining an overall healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

42. Basil & Spice Through interviews, guest blogs, and reviews you are provided with specific health and nutrition information covering all aspects of your daily life. By directly linking authors and their views with the public, you will know a little more about the author and their thoughts on nutrition today.

43. Nutrition Fitness Life Take the stress away by focusing on improving overall health and not just getting skinny. Read individuals’ personal health, fitness, and nutrition battles and triumphs for encouragement.

44. Integrative Nutrition Blog Brought to you by The Institute for Integrative nutrition. Get curious about your food and lifestyle choices. The better you feed yourself, the better you feel and the bigger impact you will have on the world.

45. The Food Medic Learn about specific foods that can help with a number of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

46. Nutrition Wonderland Provides an in-depth analysis of major issue in the world of nutrition. They cover the latest developments in both the worlds of traditional and alternative medicine and also explanations of some of the myths heard over the years.

47. The Ethicurean A quest to look for tasty things that are also nutritious, local, and ethical. You will learn everything from food policies and safety alerts, to finding local farm markets in your area.

48. Nutrition A to Z Nutrition A to Z is a blog that gives you the facts on understand your body better. Know about the modern illnesses such as heart attacks and hypertension and how you can use nutrition to prevent it.

49. These articles provide links to how to stop drinking alcohol, reduce stress, reduce fat intake. There are also posts on nutrition and proper quantities of exercise.

50. Nutrition Tips For You Designed to provide high quality information about nutrition, dietary supplements, diet plans and other related topics. Find the best nutrition plan to help you achieve your goal

51. Metabolic Plan This blog main focus is the necessity in today’s world to become knowledgeable about nutrition. Disease illness and obesity are just some of the topics included.

52. Nutrition Unplugged This registered dietitian and mom takes the confusion out of nutrition. She does think that taste and health can happily co-exist.

53. Health, Nutrition, and our Kitchen personal blog about her kitchen, nutrition and health issues. Share with her and her family her struggle to lose weight and maintaining a healthy body.

54. Healthy Perspective Feel your best, work productively, and enjoy life with some help from this blog. Posts are updated frequently with useful content.

Food, Cooking, and Recipes

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. These blogs provide nutritious recipes, tips on the best foods to eat, and the best ways to prepare them.

55. Healthy Eating & Diet A new blog brought to you by WebMD. This is a must read for those of you that have been trying to cook and eat more nutritious foods.

56. Healthy Cooking Tips Blog Professional chef Tim Johnson gives information about good food choices and serving sizes. His recipes are filled with nutritious foods with an abundance of taste.

57. Nutrition & Healthy Cooking A cooking and fitness related blog focusing on nutrition. There are ideas on diet plans, healthy meal ideas, cooking videos, and a lot more.

58. Fat Head Blog You’ll come away with more practical knowledge than a whole college course in regular nutrition from this blog. You will be served plenty of stunning facts about nutrition with a dose of laughter on the side.

59. Power to the Bauer A food lover cooks and bakes in her cramped studio apartment with a commitment to local and nutritious ingredients. Shares her adventures with beautiful photographs, encompassing writing, and recipes.

60. Edible Nutrition This blogger provides you with five years of nutrition expertise. She keeps you up to date with the most up-to-date nutrition approach to health and culinary options.

61. Healthy Eats All about the latest tips, nutrition news, low-calorie recipes and easy ideas for adding fresher, more wholesome foods to your life. A dedicated team of culinary and nutrition professionals give you the smartest and healthiest of choices.

62. Cheap Healthy Good A blog promoting the advancement of frugal, nutritious, ethically-minded food in our everyday lives. All recipes on this site relate to this subject matter.

63. The Nutrition Help Blog If you have questions t regarding common nutrition wisdom such as eating multiple meals than this is a must read blog for you. Get definitions of words like “metabolism” and find out the meaning of the word health.

64. Nutrition Facts, Information and Deficiency Diseases This is a blog about nutrition information, facts and deficiency diseases. There is detailed nutrition information on various fruits like Apples, Mangos and Bananas.

65. The Healthy Food Review find out how to eat healthy and nutritious foods deliciously as possible. Check out regular healthy food reviews and thought on healthy eating and lifestyle issues

Vitamins & Supplements

There are thousands of vitamins and supplements available out there and at times it can be a bit overwhelming. Learn about which ones offer the best health benefits with these blogs.

66. Nutrition Information Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition. This blog focuses on optimal body performance with Fish oil and Omega 3.

67. Best Vitamin Supplement’s blog This blog gives you specifics on supplements either taken alone or combined with other vitamins in a multi-vitamin product. Read about how to regulate your body functions and achieve health.

68. Nutrition Plan for Better Health Care Provides information about ways of getting some extra nutrition to complement your body needs. These supplements can even help with stress related issues such as migraines and even high blood pressure.

69. Vitamins and Supplements A resource for the best data on vitamins and supplements. A great way to find out which vitamins are suited for your body’s needs.

70. Pharmacy Technician Certification A resource for the health community. Their blog covers everything from nutrition, to pharmaceuticals, to general health.

71. The Protein Review Free articles and reviews on protein supplements and products. Maximize your training success with straight forward nutritional information.

72. Nutritional Supplement Truths There are several myths and misunderstandings out there about nutritional supplements. Post your questions and receive open and honest answers.

73. Vegetarian Vitamins Without meat in your diet, your body will probably be nutrient-deficient in some areas. Learn about vegetarian foods that contain iron, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc and protein.

74. Health Supplements It is said that vitamins and supplements can help prevent diseases. This blog serves as a guide to healthy supplement choices.

75. Vitamins for Wellness Information about the various vitamins, what they are used for, their benefits, food sources, dosage and toxicity.

76. Best Vitamin Blog Get sound advice on the best vitamins and supplements for your body. This blog offers reviews and helpful tips to help you find the supplement you need.

Gluten Free

Depending on the foods selected, a gluten free diet can meet the required Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI’s) of the Institute of Medicine. These blogs will let you know about foods you can supplement to receive the nutrition you need.

77. Sure Foods Living With pages of information and a weblog with current medical news, this blogger raises awareness about celiac disease and food sensitivities.

78. Gluten Free By Nature This blog focuses on a seasonal approach to gluten–free living. Chronicle this mom’s culinary journey to help her daughter eat nutritious gluten free food.

79. Karina’s Kitchen After learning she had celiac disease, Karina launched this gluten free recipe blog. Get creative recipes and cooking tips from this experienced gluten free chef.

80. Gluten Free Blog Achieve satisfaction in your gluten free diet. This blog includes Celiac Disease news plus gluten free recipes, foods, products and services.

81. Switch 2 Gluten Free Mike is a struggling gluten-holic! He shows very little signs of having celiac, so has had a hard time motivating himself to stay away from his favorite foods: pizza, Chinese, buffalo chicken tenders, pasta, and Bud Light.

82. Gluten Free Vegan Get tasty, liberating, gluten freedom with these vegan recipes and experiments with cooking.

83 Gluten Free Goodness It is possible to eat delicious food without gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, or corn. These whole Food kitchen experiments will make a believer out of you.

84. Gluten Free Baking with Tiffany Find nutritional analysis of gluten-free flours and baking tips to help you design a healthy gluten-free diet.

85. Simply Gluten Free I used to love gluten but it did not like me back so we broke up. Now I celebrate the abundance and simplicity of gluten free living.

86. G is for Gluten Enjoy the gluten free lifestyle by exploring recipes, different foods and helping other gluten-free people enjoy the lifestyle too. There are some helpful tips also to eat on a budget.

87. Gluten Free: The Celiac Site Designed for people with Celiac Disease for enrichment of the community. Find restaurants, resources, and products that can make it easier.

88. The GFCF Experience A forum for parents, doctors, and educators to write about their experiences with a gluten free diet. This blog was started by a father of a child with autism.

Antioxidants & Anti Aging

There is a great focus on looking young and healthy in today’s society. Reading these blogs on anti-aging and antioxidants can help you learn about increasing longevity, reducing aging and overall good health.

89. Natural Superfoods for Optimal Nutrition & Other Natural Health Solutions Read about foods that can nourish and rejuvenate your body naturally. There is interesting and detailed information on natural foods, serving suggestions and recipes.

90. Jus Antioxidant This site is focused on examining the many health and nutritional benefits of “Jus”, a new antioxidant dietary supplement. Listen to what health experts are saying about its help in counteracting the negative effects of aging.

91. Vibrant Glow Reports on the latest news in natural health and beauty, offers tips for better nutrition, fitness & wellness. This blog gives people the opportunity to live a healthier life.

92. Antioxidant Zone Find balanced in your life when a healthy body is joined with a healthy mind and spirit.
The main point is to focus on antioxidants, health food and an occasional reminder of the whole person.

93. Ladd McNamara, M.D. Updates and discussion regarding antioxidants and the correlation to reduced risk of chronic disease and improved longevity.

94. Ulterior Health Find unseen ways to manage aging with diet, supplements, exercise and avoiding unhealthy foods. Learn about Glutathione and its importance to human health.

95. Antioxidants Explained Read about new studies on antioxidants and how they affect hearing abilities of animals. Scientist are saying that antioxidants may guard animals from hearing loss due to heavy noise exposure which may also be relevant to humans.

96. Acai Berry The bloggers research and write about the benefits of the Acai berry. It has been proven to reduce some of the effects of aging and improve longevity.

97. Real Age Food Bites: Food Bites offers a look at foods that will help you make your body look & feel younger. The posts on this log are informative and updated frequently.

98. Antioxidant Benefits Learn everything there is to know about all the beneficial effects of antioxidants. There are numerous articles from experts and medical professionals.

99. Diets and Anti Aging This blog is about weight loss plans and how to keep your body looking youthful. Learn about food combinations to help on the inside and out.

100. Anti Aging Nutrition News: Check out this blog to find out how you can make nutrition work with you as you age. Helpful hints about water intake and food guidelines will help you to feel your best.

Choosing which foods to eat on a regular basis can affect our health either negatively or positively. With these blogs, we all have the opportunity to improve the lives of ourselves and our loved ones by engaging in foods rich in nutrition.

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