50 Foods to Better and Beautify Your Skin

Why spend thousands on a face lift or Botox, when you can obtain or maintain healthy skin the natural way. Below are the best 50 foods for healthy skin, a few natural face masks, and even some items to avoid.

Best Dairy Products to Better and Beautify Your Skin

An important part of the food pyramid, these foods contain essential vitamins and minerals for skin, along with calcium and protein.

    1. Yogurt. Thanks to its richness in calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A, yogurt has many healthy properties, including for the skin. Make sure to choose a low or non fat yogurt that isn’t high in sugar. You can also visit Yoplait for a variety of tasty recipes using yogurt.

    2. Cottage Cheese. No longer just for dieters, those looking for healthy skin will enjoy the high levels of selenium found in cottage cheese. It is also a great source of calcium and Vitamin D. Those who are feeling ambitious can learn to make their own cottage cheese at home by clicking here.

    3. Goat Milk. Not terribly popular in the United States, it is unique in its flavor and that it does not need to be homogenized. It is an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin A, along with tryptophan, which can help you sleep. Visit Meyenberg to get more information, recipes, or even order it in powdered form.

    4. Soy Milk. Not technically a dairy product, but this milk is rich in vitamins A, B1, and B2. In addition to benefits for the skin, the lactose intolerant or vegan will enjoy the high levels of protein and calcium. Visit Silk Soymilk to learn more and even get special offers.

Best Snacks to Better and Beautify Your Skin

Snack time can be hazardous or helpful to your skin. Be sure to reach for the below the next time you choose a snack for healthy skin.

    5. Strawberries. Like other berries, they are a rich source of phenols, anthocyanins, and ellagitannins. These nutrients have been shown to help protect cell structures in the body and to prevent oxygen damage. To learn more about the world of strawberries, nutrition facts, recipes, and even a blog, visit Strawberries.com.

    6. Sunflower Seeds. This easy and healthy snack is perfect for your skin due to its high levels of healthy oils. A handful of these seeds contain nearly a days worth of Vitamin E and half your requirement of Vitamin B1. DAVID Sunflower Seeds offers many varieties that can be found in your grocery store and you can even get promotional offers online.

    7. Blueberries. In a USDA study, neuroscientists discovered that feeding blueberries to laboratory rats slowed age-related loss in their mental capacity. Similar studies have shown that the antioxidants in blueberries contain anti-aging properties. To get more information on blueberries, including recipes for kids and adults, visit the US Highbush Blueberry Council.

    8. Hemp. These seeds are said to contain all the essential amino and fatty acids of the above. In addition to the seeds, you can get it as a supplement, milk, and even ice cream. Visit Living Harvest to learn more.

    9. Blackberries. These berries are also high in magnesium, manganese, and potassium. You can also eat them for the dietary fiber properties. Get cobbler, jam, syrup, and many other recipes for blackberries by clicking here.

    10. Acai Berries. Relatively new to the United States, they contain many of the properties of the above berries. They are also used for weight loss and in beauty products. You can find a more extensive and professional view of acai berries on WebMD.

Best Entrees to Better and Beautify Your Skin

You don’t have to stop thinking about your skin when it’s time for the main course. Choose the below to get the best help for your skin.

    11. Salmon. One of the world’s most renowned superfoods, salmon is also good for your skin. It contains many fatty acids that are essential to keeping your skin from drying out. Whole Foods has an extensive entry on salmon including health benefits, a nutrition chart, and recipes.

    12. Turkey. This bird is high in protein, selenium, and low in fat. It also contains iron, zinc, and B vitamins and is a favorite choice for sandwiches, as well as entrees. The National Turkey Federation has many recipes including tapas, roulade, and even turkey parmesan.

Best Nuts and Seeds to Better and Beautify Your Skin

Find a way to sneak these foods into your meals or lunchbox to utilize their skin saving nutrients.

    13. Walnuts. If you don’t eat meat or like fish, try walnuts to get the Omega fatty acids found in salmon. Just one serving contains nearly an entire day’s worth of Omega 3’s. California Walnuts has an array of recipes, in addition to help for those who want to grow their own.

    14. Flax seeds. Available in ground, whole, or as an oil, these seeds also contain a high number of fatty acids that are good for the skin and body. They have also been found to help combat diabetes and lower cholesterol. A quick search at Bing turns up many entries for flax seeds, starting at $3.00.

    15. Almonds. A handful of almonds can give you Vitamin E, magnesium, monounsaturated fat, and even some protein. They also make a low calorie and filling snack. Visit Almonds Are In to get more information, recipes, and even enter a contest.

    16. Brazil Nuts. These nuts are wonderful for skin due to their high content of selenium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. The nuts are also good for the health of your hair and nails. If you can’t find them at your grocery store, choose from this list.

Best Fruits to Better and Beautify Your Skin

By choosing all of the fruits listed below, you can have healthy food for your skin no matter what the season.

    17. Plums and prunes. Due to their high antioxidant levels, they are great for clearing radicals in the skin and body. They also aid in iron absorption and have a high content of Vitamin C. To find recipes for plum pie, cake, and pudding click here.

    18. Avocados. They are extremely high in Vitamin K and oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that can help in skin health. They can also help with cholesterol and high blood pressure. California Avocados has tons of more information and you can even get recipes, entertaining tips, and more.

    19. Mangoes. They also contain a high level of Vitamin A which is good for the skin and eyes. The tree is also sacred in India and is said to grant wishes. For the world’s largest online mango recipe guide, visit here.

    20. Tomatoes. They also contain antioxidants, in addition to vitamins A and C. Tomatoes come in dozens of varieties and you can even get their healthy properties from salsas or ketchup. What’s Cooking America has dozens of recipes with tomatoes including Bruschetta, pasta, and an avocado tomato melt sandwich.

Best Vegetables to Better and Beautify Your Skin

Try the below veggies to better your skin and get a ton of nutrients that are helpful throughout your body.

    21. Spinach. This leafy green provides more nutrients on average than most other foods. Skin helping nutrients include Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and many B vitamins. Spinach Recipes contains entries for soups, dips, and even turkey/spinach wraps.

    22. Sweet Potatoes. Switch out your baked potato for a side of the sweet. A single sweet potato contains over 200% of your daily Vitamin A needs. The Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission has tons of recipes, interesting facts, and fun games for kids. You can even win $3,500 in prizes for entering a winning sweet potato recipe.

    23. Turnip Greens. Don’t know how to eat turnip greens? Then learn because they contain high levels of Vitamins K, A, and E, while keeping a low calorie count. Still not convinced? Then visit this site for 78 turnip recipes including sandwiches, corn dogs, and casseroles.

    24. Carrots. Not only good for the eyes, but the Vitamin A in carrots can help your skin. They also contain a large amount of Vitamin C and fiber. Visit here for recipes for carrot cake, salad, coleslaw, and more.

Best Liquids to Better and Beautify Your Skin

Wash the above foods down with a glass or spoonful of these to top off your skin care.

    25. Water. Everyone knows to drink eight glasses a day. But did you know that lack of water, or dehydration, can effect the skin? To save money on bottled water, purify it at home using one of these devices, starting at just $24.

    26. Green tea. Because it is made from unfermented leaves, green tea reportedly has the highest level of polyphenols. Many studies have shown its ability to help in the anti-aging process, along with lowering cholesterol and fighting several types of cancer. You can find an easy and healthy recipe for brewing green iced tea here.

    27. Black tea. Made from the same leaves as green tea, black tea can also come in flavors such as sweet, spicy, and even chocolate. It also contains theaflavins and thearubigens, that can also contribute to your health. It contains more caffeine than green tea, so be aware of when you drink it.

    28. Oolong tea. It is also made from the same leaves as green and black tea. It also contains the same basic nutrients and skin helping properties. To learn more about this tea, including its history and culture, click here.

    29. Pomegranate Juice. This fruit contains a high level of antioxidants and is wonderful as a juice. It has many health benefits and is even available as a tea, coffee, or supplement. Visit POM Wonderful to learn more about how to find their products in your area.

    30. Nut Milk. Unlike dairy products, this milk contains no saturated fat or lactose. You can find it in a variety of nuts at health stores. You can also learn to make it yourself by visiting here.

    31. Canola Oil. Switch from your vegetable oil to this one to get healthier skin. It is low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat. Some critics have said that canola oil can be toxin in humans, and a here.

Best Foods to Avoid to Better and Beautify Your Skin

Having healthy skin also includes staying away from certain foods. Below are the worst foods for skin and should be avoiding or at least consumed in moderation.

    32. Coffee. Can’t live without your morning Starbucks? You might have to in order to avoid the high levels of caffeine and sugar that can cause oily spots and rob your body of moisture. Try getting one of their many teas instead, or you can get nutritional information on all of Starbuck’s beverages here.

    33. Salt. No surprise here, too much salt can also dry out your skin and lead to other health problems. It is often found in chips, pretzels, and even many soups have a high salt count. Try substituting a small amount of sea salt in recipes that call for regular salt.

    34. Greasy foods. Also not a shocker, the oils found in these foods contain a high level of saturated fats and little to none of the essential fatty acids. These foods can include pizza, cheeseburgers, or anything fried. If the bag or box you bought it in is soaked in grease, this is not a good food for your skin or body.

    35. Alcohol. No one ever said getting healthy skin was easy. It can also dehydrate your skin, especially after over indulging. Many drinks, such as daiquiris and margaritas, can also contain lots of sugar. Those who must have a drink should stick to light beer or a clear liquor mixed with water or plain soda.

    36. White starches. These include items made with white flour such as bread, pastas, and rice. They can raise insulin levels causing inflammation in the skin. This sort of food also takes the place of whole grains, which can contain high amounts of selenium.

    37. Soda, this includes Red Bull and similar drinks. Getting your eight glasses a day from soda can do damage to your skin. The sugar and artificial elements make it more difficult for your body to hydrate. Lipton and Pepsi offer a sparkling green tea that makes a great substitute.

    38. Processed meats. These can be full of nitrates, salt, hydrogenated fats, and many other harmful ingriedients which are damaging to the skin. Any processed meat, such as bacon, hot dogs, sausage, anything found in a Hot Pocket, and similar products can be full of these. If you’re not sure, flip the package over and read the ingredients to see if it passes the test.

Best Foods to Better and Beautify Your Skin From the Outside

You don’t always have to eat the right foods to get healthy skin. Make a healing facial mask for any skin type using food found around your home by checking out these.

    39. Visit Fat Free Kitchen for dozens of facial masks, packs, and scrubs recipes. Foods involved include avocados, bananas, eggs, and more. You can even get masks for different skin types.

    40. Face Masks for Aging Skin. Scroll down to get many recipes for better skin. Age fighting masks include a sugar mask, banana, and one with egg whites. You can also get simple masks for normal skin.

    41. Herbal Face Lift Formula. Healthy and Green Living gives a simple and natural recipe for a healing herbal face mask. It contains orrisroot, sea salt, dulse, kelp, and baking soda. You can also get over 200 other articles on skin care.

    42. Oatmeal Face Mask. This beauty expert shows you why and how to make an oatmeal face mask at home in this short video. The mask moisturizes, exfoliates, and is good for all skin types. There are also other videos on skin and beauty at home.

    43. Peel Off Facial Mask Recipe. Make this simple mask with gelatin and the fruit or vegetable of your choice. Get masks for oily or dry skin and the corresponding plant to go with it.

    44. Egg Yolk Mask. For use with normal skin, use this mask to keep from drying out while avoiding harsh chemicals. You can also learn how to make your own mask in five steps at eHow.

    45. Pina Colada Face Mask. It is great for the skin, due to the coconut, milk, and honey. This is an all natural recipe and you can even get one for drinking. Learn more here.

    46. Avocado Mask Recipe. The Recipe Zaar has a face mask especially for aging or dry summer skin. As a bonus, it only uses avocados, olive oil, and cucumbers.

    47. All Natural Mask. Use lemon, honey, baking soda, and alcohol to make an all natural face mask. Use it everyday for a week before bedtime to see the results.

    48. Mango Mud Mask. Don’t skip over, there is actually no mud in this mask. It contains mangoes, oatmeal, almonds, and heavy whipping cream. Wear for 15 minutes and rinse.

    49. Mud Mask for Oily Skin. There actually is mud in this mask in the form of clay and water. It also contains rosemary and three different oils. Especially for oily skin, but all types can benefit from it.

    50. Cucumbers. On screen, you always see women with face masks wearing cucumbers, but do they really work? Read this study by the Nutrition Research Center to find out.

Whether you’re a woman who is tired of spending loads of cash on skin care and makeup or a man to embarrassed to be seen with it, you will find your skin looking healthier and even younger by switching to these top 50 foods for skin, masks, and what to stay away from.

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