100 Things You Can Learn or Do in 30 Days or Less

If you have a little time and the determination to improve yourself, there are many options via the internet. Learn how to get fit, lose weight, play an instrument, learn a language, and much more with the help of these top 100 things you can learn or do in 30 days or less.

Things Men Can Learn or Do in 30 Days or Less

Although targeted for men, everyone will appreciate and enjoy these ways to have fun, get in shape, and more.

1. Belly Off!: The experts at “Men’s Health” magazine show guys how to lose their gut in no time. There are tips for getting started, daily workout videos, and even recipes for real food for real guys.

2. Bodybuilding: This site has thousands of pages on training, nutrition, and workouts. It also has many other tools such as how to increase your bench press, amateurs of the week, specialty guides, and much more.

3. 30 Days to a Better Man Challenge: The Art of Manliness is a site and blog that shows men how to be men. In June 2009, they offered this challenge to help men do things such as manual labor, debt reduction, fitness Marine corp. style, and more.

4. Boxing 4 Free: Like the title suggests, learn dozens of basic moves for boxing at no charge by visiting this site. You can also get a mini boxing blog, and if you live in the area, private lessons.

5. Fencing.net: Stop here for training tips on this manly and strategic sport. There are guides for mental training, tactical theory, as well as many other resources on fencing.

6. Bass Fishing for Beginners: Get tons of information for fishing for bass, along with other fish. There are guides for the basics, angling, locations, and more.

7. Everything Paintball: Got a couple of buddies who you’ve always wanted to shoot? Then take them paintballing to do it legally and safely. This site has many tips, videos, and guides for the novice player including tactics and equipment reviews.

8. Easy Pool Tutor: Get tons of lessons on pool, billiards, and snooker all for free. There is an eBook, many lessons on different topics, and even an active forum.

9. How to do Tricks: Dazzle party guests and barflies alike by learning these easy, yet amazing card, coin, and magic tricks. Some of the tricks taught include card through the window, cup levitation, coin optical illusion, and voodoo spirit walking.

10. Become a Pick Up Artist: This site will show you how to get phone numbers, flirt, deal with flakes, and more. You can take the skills test, read the game bible, or read one of the many useful blog entries.

Things Women Can Learn or Do in 30 Days or Less

Women, and open minded men, will enjoy these free ways to workout, learn a hobby, or even make a little extra money.

11. Learn to Dance: Get tons of free, online lessons for many types of dance including tango, ballroom, freestyle, salsa, and more. When you are ready for classes, it will also locate one in your area.

12. Become a Wine Expert in 28 Days: With two days to spare, you can learn how to sample wines like a professional. The experts at “Food & Wine” show you how to accomplish this in 28 steps.

13. Craft Projects: Craftzine shows women how to do a ton of DIY projects to save money, personalize, or just have some fun. Current crafts include wedding flowers, a natural deodorant, and many others.

14. Yoga Basics: Thirty days is more than enough time to learn this ancient and healing practice. You can learn the basics, do practice poses, or read the blog.

15. Scrapbooking: A growing trend, this site will teach you how to preserve your most precious memories. You can get ideas, deals, project ideas, or even join the forum.

16. How to Make Candles at Home: This is a great way to save money or even earn a little extra if you have talent. This site will show you how to make candles out of gels, soy, and even crayons.

17. Learn to Crochet: Learn how to make homemade clothes and gifts through this timeless method. In addition to the learning center, you can get information on yarns, patterns, an active community, and even help in Spanish or French.

18. So You Wanna Learn to Play Mah-Jong?: Grab three friends, this guide, and learn how to play this highly addictive and popular game. It gives the basics, along with tips for playing and even betting.

19. Palm Reading: Learn how to read any palm, including your own, with the help of this site. You can also get tips to learn how to do Western and Chinese horoscopes.

Home Improvements to Learn or Do in 30 Days or Less

Increase the value of your home, do a fun project as a family, and more with the help of these online guides.

20. Home Repair Guide: Have a “honey do” list that you have no idea how to do? Then visit here for tons of free guides on appliances, electrical, yard work, plumbing, and more.

21. How to Install a Hardwood Floor: Do this task to get an inexpensive and beautiful upgrade to your home. Get tips for choosing a floor, installation, nailing, stapling, and more.

22. Building a Ground Level Deck: If you’ve got the time, determination, and skill level, you can easily build this deck in 30 days. Home Depot takes you through this project step by step.

23. Building a Doghouse: Lowe’s walks you through this fun project for the whole family. It lists the tools you need, gives an overview, and is a complete guide from start to finish.

24. Hanging and Arranging Pictures: This project is ideal if you have loads of pictures but no idea of where or how to hang them. Home Depot gives a simple step by step guide to decorating your walls.

25. How to Grow Beautiful Roses: This easy to follow guide will show you what type and how to plant roses in your very own yard. Get tips for choosing, timing, feeding, watering, and more.

26. Build a Raised Garden Bed: All skill levels can appreciate this project as a way to liven up your yard. All you need is a saw, shovel, screwdriver, spade, and rake.

27. Kitchen Storage and Layout: Got a messy, cluttered kitchen? Then use this guide to give you tons of easy and advanced tips for getting a kitchen you can be proud of.

28. How to Build a Stone Fire Pit: The perfect outdoor center piece, this guide from the DIY Network will show you how to build one. Chapters include purchasing the stone, footing, laying the course, the fire pit wall, and even creating a seating area.

29. Building a Closet Organizer: Got a spouse that wants to spend hundred of dollars on a store bought closet organizer? Then read this guide to learn how to build your own at a fraction of the price.

30. Build a Bird Feeder: Get the kids to help with this project. All you need is a jigsaw, drill/driver, screwdriver, and a few other basic tools to make one of these or both of these attractive and easy bird feeders.

31. How to Build a Garden Pergola: In five steps you can have a professional and elegant addition to your home. It also comes with useful videos and images.

32. Garage Clutter Busters: With the help of this guide, you can finally park your car or cars in the garage in 30 days. Get tips for organizing, storage, a floor facelift, and even tips for the exterior.

Things Techies Can Learn or Do in 30 Days or Less

Both beginning and advanced technology lovers will enjoy building and learning these tech projects that can be done in a month.

33. Build Your Own PC: You read correctly. With a few materials and the help of PC Mech, you can build your own machine in 23 steps. You can also get tips for hardware and software, along with videos and even a forum.

34. Video Professor: Those who need help learning how to use their computer will enjoy this site. Over 60 courses include various Microsoft utilities, web design, and financial management. Try them for free or you can also get useful articles at no charge.

35. How to Make Your Own Website: Get an A-Z guide from The Site Wizards on how to build your own successful website. Tips include design, search engines, revenue making, blogging, and more.

36. Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks: Do each of these jokes three times to get 30 days of harmless fun with your family, friends, or co-workers. Pranks include changing the message on your printer, sending hilarious messages, and even a custom screensaver to make your victim think their computer crashed.

37. Learn Illustrator CS3 in 30 Days: This software is often used to design illustrations, cartoons, diagrams, charts and logos. Four weeks of lessons show you how the basics, features, tools, and will have you designing your own art.

38. Learn Windows SharePoint: With this ability in demand, knowledge of SharePoint can help you get a job or even a promotion. This site has many tools for learning it including documentation, tips for getting started, and how-to guides.

39. DIY Lifehacker: Get a ton of tech related projects you can make at home at any skill level. Projects include a spy camera, green charging station, and other clever projects.

40. Gizmodo: Similar to the above, this site also has many tech minded DIY projects. They include turning a video game controller into a doorbell, a shopping cart go-kart, and LED goggles.

Best Ways to Get Fit in 30 Days or Less

If you’ve got 30 days, you can use one or all of the guides below to build a better body and lose weight.

41. Free Workouts: “Men’s Health” offers many of their expert workouts for free as downloads. You can choose from the Warrior Workout, Trade Your Belly for Biceps, or even the 300 Workout.

42. Jillian Michaels’ Mini Workouts: This leading trainer has been featured on The Biggest Loser and gives ten short workouts to a better body. Do any or all of them for 30 days to get ripped abs, a tight bottom, and strengthen your arms and legs.

43. Bikini Body in Four Weeks: The experts at “Fitness Magazine” show you how to be beach ready in 30 days. Over 500,000 women have signed up for their plans and this one includes fat blasting exercises, a diet plan, and even look hot fast secrets.

44. Sculpt Sexy Arms: This easy guide from “Women’s Health” will show you how to banish that upper body jiggle. Do the standing V-raise, shoulder press, and renegade row to get better arms in just 30 days.

45. 30-Mile Challenge: Blue Planet Run challenged its readers to run, walk or cycle a total of 30 miles in 30 and pledge $1 a mile to fund the creation of wells at three schools in Tanzania. You can learn more about the challenge or start one of your own.

46. Walk a Marathon in 30 Days: Those who participate in the challenge only need to walk less than a mile per day to meet the goal. It has a goal chart, different workout types, and an active community.

47. Up Your Bench Press 30 Pounds in 30 Days: The guys at Wannabebig show you how to maximize your bench pressing capacity. They also give tips on the four factors including training, diet, supplementation, and rest.

48. Fitness VIP: This fitness expert is located in New Jersey and has over 300 videos on getting fit. Get a variety of workouts from fat burning to ab building for a better body in 30 days.

49. Tight Butt in 30 Days: Shape Fit provides this guide containing booty exercises for firm, tight glutes. Helpful images show you how to perform these simple exercises to get a better behind.

50. Lose Ten Pounds in 30 Days Workout: Those how have only a few pounds to lose will enjoy this guide from “Fitness Magazine.” It helps you slim your legs, flattened your abs, get an all over tone, and more.

Best 30 Day Diets and Meals

Get fit, lose weight, or become a master chef in just one month by checking out the below.

51. 30 Day Diet & Weight Loss Plan: Diet Bites published an online article for a thirty day diet to help you lose weight and feel better. You can also get articles on natural weight loss, a weekend diet plan, and even a weight loss coach.

52. Recipes & Ideas: Those looking to lose weight or eat healthy can find a different recipe and idea for everyday of the month on Weight Watchers. They even have an easy and elegant section for those who want to upgrade their diets.

53. Top 100 Recipes: Learn how to grill like a professional and lose weight with the help of Bobby Flay from Boy Meets Grill. With recipes to last you well over a month, the top spots include Grilled Chicken Paillard, Fried Chicken, and Chinese Chicken Salad.

54. 30 Day Wedding Diet: This detoxing diet can help you lose between ten to fifteen pounds in a month. There are also links to related articles and videos.

55. 50 States, 50 Burgers: Food Network brings you the best each state has to offer in burgers. Five star entries include curry pork, mini Memphis, salmon, and the Big Mike burger.

56. 21 Day Detox Diet: This simple diet switches out common foods for natural, healthy ones. You can also get links to many other diet plans.

57. Activia Challenge: Anyone who suffers from occasional irregularity should look into this two week challenge. Simply eat one serving of this yogurt every day, and it even has a money back guarantee.

58. 30 Day Menu: The Vegetarian Resource Group shows you how to cut meat out of your diet in 30 days. Each step includes a useful tip such as a vegetable pot pie, alternative foods, and even how to order a veggie friendly pizza.

59. McDonald’s 30 Day Diet: Get a different look at the Supersize Me! Movie by reading about Woody’s adventures eating at McDonalds. Read what he ate, how it effected him, and what exercises he did to counteract this diet.

Learn an Instrument in 30 Days

Learn how to serenade a love interest, join a band, or simply learn the art of music by visiting the below sites on dozens of different instruments.

60. Workshop Live: Stop here for lessons on guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, and even vocal. Browse through the many videos, get pricing, or sample lessons at no charge.

61. Guitar Noise: Go from online to onstage with the help of this useful, free site. You can get lessons for beginners, intermediate, professionals, and even hot lessons.

62. ActiveBass: This do it yourself site is ideal for those who want to learn how to play the bass guitar. They have loads of interactive bass lessons at no charge including slap & pop for beginners, a definitive walking guide, and 20 riffs for position shifts.

63. Folk of the Wood: Anyone wanting to play an instrument to country, folk, or Bluegrass will enjoy this site. Get tons of lessons on many acoustic instruments including some of the lesser known such as the mandolin, mountain dulcimer, and several different banjoes.

64. 8notes.com: Musicians of all levels and ages will enjoy this site for its free sheet music, riffs, lessons, and tools. You can get tutorials on many common instruments, or choose from the most popular.

65. Hear and Play: This site is ideal for those who want to play the piano. It has free online lessons, along with products for sale that can also help you learn quickly. You can also get tools for the guitar, drums, organ, and more.

66. Revision3Beta: Get a free weekly lesson in music from Walt Ribeiro, a professional music teacher. Browse through the many archived lessons or follow along to see what he’s teaching this week.

67. Shredmasters Inc.: Stop here to learn how to play rock music for the guitar, bass guitar, or drums. Lessons include beats, techniques, exercises, and more.

68. Easy Music Lessons: This site is full of video lessons for many common instruments. You can get scales, chords, and even lessons on stage presence.

69. Music: Choose from five different instruments, including the harmonica, in the music section to learn how to play. You can also get instructions on voice, composing, being a D.J. and even beat boxing.

70. Danman’s Music Library: Teachers use this online database to help instruct their music students. You can get many tools including popular songs, chords, scales, music paper templates, and more.

Write Something in 30 Days

Have time, but no energy? Then use the next 30 days to complete a written masterpiece for publication, screen, or self growth.

71. Write Your Novel in 30 Days: If you love to read, why not write something of your own? WriteDirections shows you how to build characters, keep a notebook, daily page count, and more.

72. Write A Kid’s Book in 30 Days or Less: Caterina Christakos shows you how to do this in less than an hour a day for $39.95. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and you can even get a free consultation with her.

73. Write A Screenplay in One Month: This site shows you how to write your very own film in four weeks. Each week has a specific challenge and there are many related resources on this site.

74. Script Frenzy: Another screenplay in a month site, this is actually a contest held in April where contestants write 100 pages in 30 days. Free to enter, the only reward is finishing your project and getting tons of help from other writers.

75. 30 Days of Poetry: The students at this school took this challenge to learn how to appreciate and write poetry. The lessons include synonym poetry, formula poems, imagery, and much more.

Artistic Things You Can Learn or Do in 30 Days

If you have bare walls or shelves, use the below to learn how to personalize them with unique works of art.

76. Learn How to Draw and Paint: This site is ideal for anyone with a blank canvas, a little inspiration, and thirty days. Get tips for different media, techniques, how to draw, preserve, and even how to frame.

77. Art School Online: This online school shows you how to draw and paint in oil color. You can sign up for one of their courses and you can even get 15 lessons for free.

78. ArtGraphica: Visit here for free lessons on how to sketch, draw, and paint. There are many tutorials on the subject and you can even visit the Art Shop for more.

79. ”Art”: 43things is a massive online community where people connect to share what they are learning and cheer each other on. Artistic goals include learning to paint, play the guitar, write a novel, and more.

80. How to Draw Cartoons: Adults and children will love this site. It has many free lessons on cartoon animals, cars, famous characters, and even celebrity cartoons.

81. Introduction to Ceramics and Pottery: Vincent Sansone is Director of the Ceramics department at Crealde School of Art and shows you pottery in these 20 videos. They include everything from forming a bowl to glazing and drying.

Learn to Speak a Foreign Language in 30 Days

Fine tune a language or learn to speak a new one all together with the help of these sites.

82. Coffee Break Spanish: This award winning podcast is ideal for those who want to learn or perfect their Spanish. Lessons are 15 to 20 minutes long, fit into a coffee break, and will have you speaking in no time.

83. Learn Spanish Free Online: Visual Link gives you free Spanish lessons online. Sign up to get their 30 day program with a money back guarantee.

84. Coffee Break French: Similar to the one in Spanish, these free lessons are also intended for students who have a break. Beginners can get 80 free audio lessons to listen to at their leisure.

85. One Minute German: As the title suggests get lessons of two to four minutes each to learn the basics of German. You can also purchase the premium edition when you are ready to move on.

86. My Daily Phrase Italian: If you have fifteen minutes a day, listen to three of these lessons a day to get a comprehensive understanding of the Italian language. It is ideal for those who already speak Spanish or other Latin based languages.

87. Learn Chinese: These 40 online lessons will teach you the Mandarin dialect in about ten minutes a day. You can also get help with reading, writing, calligraphy, and more.

88. Learn Arabic Online: Start with the how to learn Arabic section for a free online look at this Eastern language. Students who enjoy the subject can learn how to speak it in six to nine months.

89. Learn Russian: Rosetta Stone is a leading software on how to learn any language. However, prices start at $200, but include access to an online language learning utility.

90. American Sign Language: Used primarily by the hearing impaired, ASL can be learned by anyone in a short matter of time. Learn the alphabet, basic 100 signs, and much more.

91. Learn Japanese Today: For $27.00 you can order this package to teach you this language in 30 days with a 60 day money back guarantee. It shows you how to read Japanese, speak, common phrases, and more.

92. Learn English Free Online: If English is not your first language, you will appreciate this site. It has the basics, grammar, tests, and even audio conversations.

93. Grammar Girl: Perfect your own English by listening to this popular podcast. A recent episode was on the 2009 AP style, which even included popular online terms.

94. Learning Languages: This massive, online community is dedicated to helping visitors learn a foreign language. You can choose from Cantonese, Czech, Greek, Korean, and many others.

Things You Can Learn to Quit in 30 Days

Don’t stop at learning new things. Use the below to help quit your most hated vices, while saving time and money.

95. 30 Sugar Free Days: A common, yet overlooked addiction, sugar can have many devastating consequences. Dr. Olson gives both a free and paid version for getting sugar out of your diet and life.

96. Quit Smoking!: WebMD has a guide to the first 30 days for anyone looking to quit smoking. There are ways to get started and many related articles and videos.

97. Guide to Quitting Smoking: This is another quit smoking plan from the American Cancer Society. Learn how to quit, how to resist the urge, and even a quitline and other support.

98. Ten Reasons to Quit Drinking Soda Pop: Due to its high sugar and caffeine content, getting rid of soda pop is making more sense. This article shows you how, why, and even offers practical and tasty substitutes.

99. Stop Fighting in 30 Days: Jamie Turndorf shows couples how to stop fighting and come together. This 30 day lesson plan includes fighting style, eliminating negatives, and resolving conflict.

100. Quit Bad Habits: For a New Year’s resolution, “Reader’s Digest” put together a series of articles on letting go of those bad habits. They include stress, drinking, and more.

Anyone with a passion for self improvement, a little energy, and thirty days can learn to do just about anything. With the help of these best 100 things to learn in a month, you can be a lean, music playing, second language speaking somebody who will have others asking how you did it.

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