The Top 50 Pharmaceutical News and Research Blogs

A reinvigorated health care policy debate,  rapid advancements in new medicines, and a down economy are all reasons contributing to the dramatic increase Americans are now taking in the  pharmaceutical industry. More and more, blogs and news releases are becoming the primary way that consumers and industry professionals remain up to date on information that can affect things ranging from insurance coverage and rates, industry market conditions, drug advancements as well as their health.

To help you find the best of the best in what the web has to offer, we’ve sifted through hundreds of blogs to compile our rankings of the top 50 pharmaceutical news and research blogs, organized by sub-section, but within sub-sections in no particular order. Follow the blogs that interest you to stay on top of health news and the latest pharmaceutical company research.

Industry News

  1. Business Week’s Pharmaceutical Industry Blog – This blog features news and insights on the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Consumer Reports Health and Prescription Drugs Blog – One of the most trusted sources in consumer advocacy, Consumer Reports updates its blog with pharmaceutical and health care news.
  3. Internet Drug News – Daily updates on pharmaceutical news and information.
  4. The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog – The WSJ’s blog about “health and the business of health.”
  5. Rx Times – News and information about pharmacy as well as a listing of pharmacy jobs.
  6. Seeking Alpha: Biotech Sector – Pharmaceutical news and investment advice in Seeking Alpha’s Biotech Sector stock section.
  7. Pharma Marketing Blog – Pharmaceutical industry and advertising news and opinion.
  8. Pharma’s Cutting Edge – The cutting edge of biotech and pharmaceutical news from Pharma Growth Strategies, LLC,
  9. Pharmaceutical – Life Sciences – Industry Services, Globalization and Consultants – Larry Rothman blogs about the bottom line focus of pharmaceutical companies and the effect globalization has on them.
  10. BNET Pharma News – Pharmacy news and analysis by Jim Edwards.
  11. Furious Seasons – Consumer and industry news in medicine and health care.
  12. The Prescription Project’s PostScript Blog – An ongoing blog on pharmaceutical news with a legal perspective.
  13. Pharma Blog Review – Chris Truelove brings a bit of wit to the pharmacy and medicine company-geared blog.
  14. Fierce Pharma – “The pharma industry’s daily monitor, with a special focus on pharmaceutical company news and the market development of FDA approved products.”
  15. The Pharma Compliance Blog: Your Space. For Your Space. – A blog dedicated to anonymous exchanges between the public and compliance companies in the pharmaceutical industry.
  16. Pharma Strategy Blog – Sally Church blogs on how pharmacy companies can market products ethically and make a difference in health care.
  17. The IN VIVO Blog – “Home of daily commentary on recent developments in biopharmaceutical business development, R&D, financing, marketing, and policy.”
  18. Pharmaceutical Blog – An informational blog on pharmaceutical and medical research as well as new treatments and advice for diseases and conditions.
  19. Med Ad News Insider – Advertising and industry news from PharmaLive.
  20. R&D Directions Insider – News on the pharmaceutical world and what disease prevention means for consumers.

Insider Perspectives

  1. Scientific Misconduct – Dr. Aubrey Blumsohn explores the pharmaceutical industry’s “curious incidents” that may be more than meets the eye.
  2. The Angry Pharmacist – Rants and raves from a pharmacist that has seen and experienced nearly everything.
  3. In the Pipeline – Derek Lowe, a major player in the pharmaceutical industry since 1989, comments on news and studies in the pharmaceutical industry and medicinal ethics quandaries.
  4. Pharmed Out – An independent and publicly funded project to encourage doctors to report and put a stop to unethical pharmaceutical promotions and marketing practices.
  5. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine and Pharma – Musings on medicinal ethics from Howard Brody, the director of the Institute for the Medical Humanities.
  6. Jim Edwards’ NRx – Stories on the pharmaceutical industry that have yet to receive major news coverage by Jim Edwards.
  7. Pharm-Land – A blog, or self-named aggregator, based on revealing news and updates that may be unflattering to the pharmaceutical industry as well as patients.
  8. Pharmacist Daily – Current information for anyone considering a career in pharmacy and discussions on the trials and tribulations pharmacists endure daily.
  9. Pharmacy. Jim Plagakis. Pharmacist. – Jim Plagakis blogs on the life and times of a pharmacist.
  10. Pharmacist’s Place – A pharmacy student shares experiences from training to become a professional as well as issues that those in the pharmacy profession face on a day-to-day basis.
  11. Med Mal Lawyers Blog – This blog designed specifically for lawyers who handle pharmaceutical lawsuits along with relevant updates on laws that affect big pharma.
  12. Pharm Exec Blog – Global news for pharmacy executives and companies.


  1. Drug Wonks – The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest’s blog on drug policy and news in the biotech industry.
  2. Prime Inc. Pharmacist Case Studies – Major coverage of medical and pharmaceutical case studies.
  3. The eDrug Search Blog – A trusted source for pharmaceutical news and information on pharmaceutical drugs.
  4. Pharmacy Technology Resource – A pharmaceutical blog for retail and independent pharmacies on the best of the best in pharmaceutical technology.
  5. Medical Humanities Blog – A blog on medical humanities research and news from Daniel Goldberg, a PhD student in medical humanities at the University of Texas.

Consumer Advocates

  1. Eye on the FDA – A blog dedicated simply to keeping a watch on the FDA for consumers and promoting government accountability within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Medical Consumerism – Members of the Medical Consumerism Seminar at the University of Minnesota cross-examine business and medicine.
  3. Pharma Gossip – Updated daily and extremely resourceful on what is being said in the pharmaceutical industry. Feel free to gossip about the pharm big wigs here.
  4. Drug Injury Watch – Lawyer and blogger Tom Lamb reports on prescription error and how to prevent injury from drug interactions and side effects.
  5. Pharmacy Degrees – Required reading for all drug representatives who give samples to doctors.
  6. Black Triangle – A consumer education blog on pharmaceutical news and research in the UK maintained by Anthony Cox.
  7. Prescription Access Litigation Project – A blog by Prescription Access that covers recent litigation and government legislature to educate consumers and increase industry accountability.
  8. Pharmacy Error Injury Lawyer Blog – Lebowitz and Mzhen, LLC. Blog give advice and report the latest news on how to prevent prescription and pharmacist errors.
  9. Healthy Skepticism – Consumer advocates for the reform of pharmaceutical drug promotion and misleading information being put out by the companies.
  10. Alliance for Human Research Protection – A blog dedicated to protecting the rights of human research testing.
  11. Health Care Renewal – A blog based on the renewal of healthcare and the abuse of power in the healthcare industry.
  12. A Healthy Blog: Prescription Drug Reform – News and the latest research on healthcare and prescription drug reform from Health Care for All.
  13. Put Pharmacy First – A blog calling for the reform of retail pharmacy practices. Check in for updates on news and consumer advocacy about once a month.

If you are thinking about pharmacy school, are an industry professional, or just a concerned consumer, these top 50 blogs will keep you current on pharmaceutical news and medicinal research. For more information, check into major newspaper health blogs and subscribe via RSS to get breaking news on health-related issues.

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